Sunday, August 4, 2013

Why I rip dolls heads off.....

People think I'm a tad on the strange side when I tell them I rip the heads of dollies. Can't think why? No doubt those same people may be offended by my treatment of Jesus and the Madonna as well.

This latest assemblage is influenced by the Mexican Day_of_the_Dead. Dia de los Muertos, a religious holiday related to the Catholic All Saints Day, honoring those that have gone before us and celebrating their lives.

I found these small statuettes, candelabra and a doll at the hospice garage sale - another place where we remember the dead - and in typical DeMengian usage of 'inherant thingyness' put them together in this table centrepiece. The crystal in the middle has healing properties.

It is an evolving piece, I hope to have it covered with black drippy wax and spider webs in time to come. I find it infuriating that candles these days are all non-drip. I love to play with drippy wax, something quite therapeutic in that.


  1. Maybe you don't bite, but it sounds like you want to drip hot wax over us! Love the idea of it being a table centre-piece - alas our dining table has been permanently relegated to being my crafting table.

  2. Am catching up on blog-hopping after being away on holiday and have to say that I LOVE his piece!! Love the way you painted the religious the whole thing!


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