Friday, June 8, 2012

Degas to Dali, and around the city for Richard.

On the weekend I went along to the refurbished Auckland Art Gallery to see the....

exhibition. Now I'm not one of these people who likes to take photos of other peoples artworks as such, but I do love to photograph people as they look at other peoples artworks. I find it fascinating to see their responses. But I got as far as the foyer with my intentions, no photography permitted in the gallery and about a hundred gallery staff making sure we all behave ourselves. Interesting that I can photograph Degas in the Musee d'Orsay

Woman in a Gallery (mine 2005)

but not a Degas in Auckland.  So I resign myself to just looking at the paintings instead, choosing my favourite three to take home with me (again, not allowed!! Who would have thought?).  The works are all relatively minor really, compared to the awesomeness of the big European galleries, but despite that I soaked up the creative vibe and just about melted in awe at the Dada wall. In the end I decided I would (like to) take home a Miro, a Tanguy and a Degas. 

Yves Tanguy

And then this little fish went into the big city and spent the afternoon shooting off the hip as I walked about. Here are some of my shots. This is for you Richard - "I'd fly, a rowdy kaka from my body, if I could". For today Richard, let me be your wings. The city waits for you. 

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