Monday, January 30, 2012

It's all about ME

and is that so wrong? I realise when reading other peoples blog's that they often showcase the work of others, but I just talk about me. So firstly I say who cares because there's no one out there reading this except maybe you Al (and I do read your blog but sadly I am bad at posting comments). Then secondly, I decided this blogspot would be a way for me to document for myself what I'm doing, like an on-line diary. I make journals, but I very rarely write in them.

So continuing in the theme of ME. I just had some work in a group exhibition with 3 other local artists and showed some of my photographs. Mostly still life macro in recycled antique frames. I sold 3 photos, and took one commission. And I had interest from Rick at Of Hand & Heart Gallery to take some works on consignment. All in all a very successful weekend.

Koru Pepe - limited edition print.

Next time, I'll write about someone else. Maybe.

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