Sunday, September 4, 2011

Expect the expected, for a change...

There is a real satisfaction to be had when you pull that finished piece out of the kiln and it actually looks like you wanted it to be. In pottery, there is always the chance that things don't turn out the way you wanted, in fact it's a bloody miracle when you get it right, and I've learn't over the years to expect the unexpected. But no so the case with this urchin bowl.

I am so happy to have it just as I wanted. This bowl was a trick to make and then lost a spine in the bisque firing, actually I think someone knocked it off but no confessions have been forthcoming (thank goodness for PVA). I used 3 coats of a low fire turquoise glaze. Look at that stunning colour.

I get my inspiration from a potter far better than I am, Heather Knight from 
Element Clay Studio.  Heather, you are a ceramic goddess. I'm not worthy.

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