Saturday, January 15, 2011

A good day for this little fish to blow some bubbles

Summer. I love the warm weather, had a delicious swim at Omaha beach and BBQ for dinner.....don't ya just love holidays.....and mine seems to have been a long time coming. And so a good day to start this blog, a little record of my journey with art. Today was the first day of the Summer Exhibition at A Fine Line gallery - the doors opened to the public this morning, and an early customer bought my ceramic installation. Yep, mine! Wooo bloody hoooo. 26 white butterflies flying up the wall, a piece I called Psycke Released. Psyche was the Greek goddess of the soul, and the Greek word for butterflies. This work is a metaphor for the souls I have cared for this year, and seen exit this world to where ever it is they go. 
Psycke Released

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